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In Dash AM/FM with USB, CD Changer Control and Auxiliary Input

AM/FM Radio with USB input for MP3/WMA file playback and direct CD Changer Controller. This AM/FM radio will control all functions of the optional Custom Autosound 6 disc CD changer from the buttons on the radio. And now features auxiliary input for iPod, satellite radio etc. The USB port is on an 14" extension that allows placement of your flash drive in the ashtray or glove box. No unsightly wires hanging from your dash. All radios are supplied with the correct surround bezel for your car. Check out these exciting features.

●AM-FM Stereo ● 240 Watts ● USB Port for Flash Memory MP3/WMA Playback Direct 10 CD Changer ControlAlpha Numeric id3 LCD Display for MP3/WMA files ●Electronic Tuning and Volume Control ● 4 way Fader ● Left Right Balance ● Digital Clock ● 2 Channel RCA Auxiliary Input for Satellite / iPod etc. ● 16 Pre-sets (12FM-4AM) ● 2 Pair RCA Pre amp outs ● Separate Bass and Treble ● USA/Euro Tuner ● Power Antenna Lead ●
iPod Interface


Optional 6 CD Changer


Year Model# Price
1953-57 CVVVE-630 229.00
1953-57 CVVVE-630P + CD Changer 449.00
1958-62 CVVE-630 229.00
1958-62 CVVE-630P + CD Changer 449.00
1963-67 CVEV-630 229.00
1963-67 CVEV-630P + CD Changer 449.00
1968-76 CVMV-630 229.00
1968-76 CVMV-630P + CD Changer 449.00
1977-82 CVLV-630 229.00
1977-82 CVLV-630P + CD Changer 449.00



Due to the great success of our USA-630 radio we now bring you the USA-230. This new model radio has the same cosmetics as the USA-630 which has been a huge success. If you don't need USB/MP3 or CD changer control this is the model for you. An awesome looking radio a great price. Radio has no cassette but comes with auxiliary audio input. If you have a portable MP3 player or Satellite radio just plug it into the Aux input and listen to it through this radio.

This radio features:

● AM-FM Stereo ● 200 Watts (4x50) ● Auxiliary Input (RCA Rear) RCA to 1/8" pin jack included ● Digital Clock ● Electronic Tuner ● 16 Pre-sets (4AM-12FM) ● 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs ● 4 way Fader ● Power Antenna Lead





Year Model# Price
1953-57 CVVVE-230 159.00
1958-62 CVVE-230 159.00
1963-67 CVEV-230 159.00
1968-76 CVMV-230 159.00
1977-82 CVLV-230 159.00
AM/FM Cassette with Auxiliary Input

If you want great sound at an affordable price then this is the radio for you! A quick review of the features and you’ll realize why it’s our best seller. Now with 200 watts this radio has outstanding features. These features include:
● PLL electronic synthesized tuner
● 4 way fader
● 24 pre-sets (6AM/18FM)
● Auto Reverse Cassette
● Best station memory
● Fast forward/rewind
● Auxiliary Input for direct
connection to todays audio
● Separate bass & treble control
● Pre-set scan
● 200 watts high power
● Scan & Seek tuning
● 4 Channel RCA pre-out
● Digital clock
Available in black or chrome ‘face’

1968,1969,1970,1971,1972,1973,1974,1975,1976 Corvette stereo
1977,1978,1979,1980,1981,1982 Corvette radio

Shown in 1958,1959,1960,1961,1962 Corvette


Year Model# Price
1953-57 CVVVE-1 199.00
1958-62 CVVE-1 199.00
1963-67 CVEV-1 199.00
1968-76 CVMV-1 199.00
1977-82 CVLV-1 199.00